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New album.  Neues Album.  Nuevo álbum

Nidia Ortiz upcoming Single CD - Ep February 2018 

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Nidia Ortiz upcoming full Album by the end of 2018





Nidia Ortiz's new Latin Jazz CD 2018, neues CD
Nidia Ortiz new/neues Latin Jazz Album 2018


CD  Pre-Listenings

01. Cuando te miro

2.  Sentimiento

03.  Tu amistad

04.  Bachata de mar



 (English)   Detailed CD information.

 After four years of a “baby break / parental leave” and working on further projects, Nidia is finishing her own album. This one will be the work of one woman -a woman with a multitude of talent, musical influences that goes from classical music through latin to gospel. Characterized by Nidia's extraordinary creativity and vocals abilities, as well as her writing (lyrics) and composing (music) skills.  Almost all the lyrics on this compilation are in Spanish language. They talk about love in the meaning of friendship (Tu Amistad),  love to the nature as well as romance and life.

This album goes around latin and jazz. It is a wonderful mix, covering music styles that go from traditional Caribbean, like  Montuno and Salsa Latinjazz, up to typical Southamerican rhythm. It shows Nidia's great versatility  (some songs will make you laugh, some will make you want to dance, some will make you dream or just relax with a glass of wine.)

Most of the music was played by well-known musicians of the Latin and Jazz music scene in Germany. This album also includes one cover song (“Bésame Mucho”) which was arranged by the Grammy nominated and extraordinary talented music composer/arranger Don Hart from Nashville.
Furthermore we are happy about the privilege to have the following musicians in this album:  Bruno Böhmer (Piano/Keys) Rupert Schnitzler (Piano/Keys), Juan David Restrepo (Guitar), Juan Camilo Villa (Bass), Rodrigo Villalón (Drums&Perc.) 

Well and all vocals are by Nidia Ortiz herself, who did also the lyrics and the composing of each song besides of "Bésame Mucho"

The mix, originality and variety of styles of this Album will catch and excite listeners of smooth Jazz, a touch of soul and conventional latin music with modern tunes. Performance by an artist with unmistakable talent and impressive versatility.

Urlaub, Karibik, Latin, Nidia Ortiz, Jazz

Urlaub, Karibik, Latin, Nidia Ortiz, Jazz