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Singer.  Studio recording.  Songwriter.  Producer 

Music - Musik - Música:  Latin, Latinjazz, Jazz, Soul & Gospel

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 Nidia Ortiz Trio -SWR Fernseher 2018

Horizonze Festival, Gerd Stein, Nidia Ortiz



Nidia Ortiz Vitos Kapelle Giessen 2016


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Nidia Ortiz "Amazing Grace" - Wetzlarer Dom (Cathedral of Wetzlar) 2017



A Christmas Song - Wetzlar Dom (Cathedral of Wetzlar) - 2017 (Lichtvesper)

 Nidia Ortiz - A Christmas Song - Wetzlar Dom 2017 

Nidia Ortiz "Christmas Song" - Wetzlarer Dom 2017




Nidia Ortiz performig "La Europea" by "Nidia Ortiz and Rumba del Sol". it is from the album "Cosa Bella" and it's about an European woman dreaming of the Caribbean and how it would be to be there. Nidia is performing with the wonderful Band "TWANX" and the extraordinary guitar player Lulo Reinhardt. Sorry the quality of the sound should be better - one microphone didn't work. But I wanted to show you the video clip anyway, it was so much fun to watch and listen Nidia, TWANX and Lulo performing.

Nidia Ortiz Quintett at Schiffenberg, Giessen 2016   - Schiffenberg Blues


   Maybe Tomorrow  This is one of Nidia's own compositions (music & lyric).  She has a rich musical diversity and loves to write/make her own songs.



Dear friends of Nidia:  Nidia Ortiz presents: TWANX feat. Lulo Reinhardt. Concert in Giessen, Germany 2016. Nidia Ortiz was participating and performing in this Concert. (see "Malulo" and "La Europea" with Twanx and Lulo Reinhardt) But right here in this song she didn't appear. It's awesome music anyway. Enjoy!   

Schiffenberg, Nidia Ortiz Quintet, beste Giessen
Nidia Ortiz Quintett - "Alegría"

Video-Ausschnitt aus ihrem Live-Auftritt am 12.Aug. 2016 auf dem Schiffenberg, Giessen (Eigene Latin: "Alegria" )

Lulo Reinhardt, Nidia Ortiz, beste Musiker aus
Nidia Ortiz with TWANX feat. Lulo Reinhardt - 2016





Kloster Schiffenberg, Nidia Ortiz Quintett
Nidia Ortiz Quintett at Schiffenberg, Giessen

This is another "snippet" from "Nidia Ortiz Quintet":  with Peter Herrmann, Gerd Stein, Daniel Schulz, Joe Bonica, while performing a casual blues jam session at their concert at Schiffenberg 12. Aug. 2016 in Giessen, Germany. Enjoy!

Amazing Grace Acapella, Nidia Ortiz
Amazing Grace Acapella by Nidia Ortiz 2016
samana, las galeras, La Europea Nidia Ortiz
La Europea (Nidia Ortiz y Rumba del Sol)


Kirche Treis Lumda, Stern Stunde, Peter Hermann,
Nidia Ortiz Trio - Kirchengemeinde Treis/Lumda 2016

Nidia Ortiz, Fluss, Romantik, Liebe, río
Como un río (Like a river) 2016

gospel, soul, Christlich, christian, Gospel
Nidia Ortiz Quintet "Sing to the Lord" 2016

Vitos Kapelle Giessen, Nidia Ortiz Quartet, Jazz
Nidia Ortiz Quintet at Vitos Kapelle Giessen

For more please visit Nidia's You Tube Channel here

Samana, las Galeras, Dominikanische Republik
Samaná - Dominikanische Republick



Strand, Nidia Ortiz, Latin, Jazz, Musik



Music - Musik - Música:  Latin, Latinjazz, Jazz, Soul&Gospel






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