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Singer.  Studio recording.  Songwriter.  Producer

Music - Musik - Música:  Latin, Latinjazz, Jazz, Soul & Gospel


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Nidia Ortiz at Wetzlar Dom (Cathedral of Wetzlar) - Lichtvesper 2017











  Latin, Latinjazz, Jazz, Soul & Gospel 

Nidia Ortiz, Latin, latin, Karibik, sexy, Konzert

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 Did you enjoyed the pleasant walk on the beach?  Me too... Until that, I wish you all the best!  Take care.  God bless and come to visit us again.  You are here our V.I.P. ..   Nidia


Nidia Ortiz, Latin, latin, Musik, Konzert


Music - Musik - Música:  Latin, Latinjazz, Jazz, Soul&Gospel
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Nidia Ortiz, jazz, Jazz, latin, Musik, Konzert